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Friday, June 27, 2008

Errata. :o/ and New Patterns! :o)

Please check out for larger photos and all of the peeps.

Nellie the Musical Elephant
Nellie the Musical Elephant

:o(   ERRATA:
Well it was bound to happen... An error in one of the patterns, and a big one!  Poor Nellie the Elephant has an error in the instructions for her feet.  :o/  

The corrected pattern is in the pdf now, if you prefer to download Nellie again. 
(since 04/09/08 so if you downloaded it after that date, you have the corrected pattern) 

Or you can substitute the following instructions for the ones in the pattern: 
Nellie's Feet:
C/o 6 st onto two circs.
Rnd 1: Kfb each st around (12 st)
Rnd 2 and all even rnds: k around
Rnd 3: kinc, k1 around (18 st total)
(increase every other st, using
the increase of your choice - I use the kinc
throughout because it is less noticeable)
Rnd 5: kinc k2 around (24 st total)
(increase every 3rd st)
Rnd 7: k2tog k2 around (18 st total)
Rnd 9: k2tog k1 around (12 st total)
Rnd 11: k around
Stuff quite full and Bind off.
Sew feet to bottom of elephant evenly spaced.
Put front feet as far forward as looks good, so
she won't topple forward.

My apologies to anyone who was caused any grief by my error. 

And profound thanks to Susan of for finding this and bringing it to my attention! 

On to happier news...



Eggy/Bunny Peeps Knitting Pattern


Wee Lambies

Wee Baby Lambies Peeps Knitting Pattern

Petit Fours

Download Petit Fours for Peeps Pattern

And, coming in the not too far distant future I hope:

Kermit Peep! (Yes, Really!)
and Hello Kitty Peep!
  (--- update --- these have been delayed again, though I have made progress on Kermie)

They're in the works (meaning that I'm working on them), but I'm veeerrry slooow, so not sure how long it will be.
I hadn't planned to make a Kermie pattern, but I found out that our niece, Kristina, likes him, so I'm making her Kermie 2 for her June birthday, and while I'm working on him, I'm recording what I'm doing.  I ran into a bit of a  problem though, I didn't remember how I'd made his feet and hands.  :o/  So that's been a bit challenging, but I'm recreating them.  it would actually be easier for me to re-invent them, to just start fresh, and go at it, but since so many of you have professed a desire to make this particular Kermie, I'm doing my best to make the new one as close to my original as possible.
Hello Kitty peep was going to be next, but the need to make a Kermie for Kristina has bumped him ahead, and Kitty is on the back burner for a while.  Also, it turns out that I find knitting with white yarn rather boring, so I'm not anxious to get back to her.  But I will, eventually.

I've been experimenting with speaking into a digital recorder while I'm knitting, recording the steps I'm taking.  This is working lots better than stopping to make notes as I'm knitting, because it doesn't interrupt my flow very much.  Whereas writing as I go is very disruptive.  I really recommend this method to pattern writers.


Kermie Update:
Time has passed and I haven't gotten this posted, or completed either the Kermie pattern (though I have completed Kermie 2), or the Hello Kitty pattern.  :o( 
Health issues have imposed themselves between me and what I want to be doing.  So please forgive my slowness.  I do hope to eventually get it all done, Hopefully in our lifetimes.  ;o)  Well it would be really difficult for me to get it done AFTER my lifetime! 

Future Tutorials:

I've also begun a couple of photo tutorials that I hope to finish in the not-too-far-distant future (but going by my track record, I wouldn't  hold my breath waiting if I were you.)
These are the ones that I have started:
 1. making yarn knot eyes (a la Jean Greenhowe)
 2. double knitting for peeps

I haven't found any available for these, so I'm attempting to fill that void.  At least put a crumb out there.
And there's another one that I'm currently working on:

3. knitting in the round on two circs - from a different perspective
(though there are plenty of great tutorials on this already available, while describing the process to a friend, I recently noticed a great similarity in knitting this way to knitting flat, and I'd like to illustrate it to take the mystery out of a really easy, and useful, technique.)

Next post will be about what I HAVE completed lately! 

We hope that you are all having a lovely summer so far, and aren't suffering too much from the heat!

You can see that Pudge doesn't!  ;o)

"For he loves the sun and the sun loves him."
                                        - Christopher Smart