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Monday, April 27, 2009

Valentine's after Easter AGAIN? :o)

Here are the Valentine's pressies I made for my Darling Hub...  (yep, I'm mixing Easter and Valentine's Day again, but I'll be back to Easter next time... Lots more Easter Peeps and Baskets to post, soon) 

For Valentine's Day and for Easter, I made limbless wee ami's and baskets for them.  Here's Peter Pickle Peep, the limbless chick that I made for my Hub for Valentine's Day (yes, I'm very slow to post.... I still don't have the rest of the Easter ones uploaded yet!)   I apologize for the quality of the photos... I'll try to take some better ones of these guys at some point.  I forgot them when I took the Easter pics.  :o/  Oops!

And Next to the basket is....
Two Peas in a Pod 

We always say that we’re like two peas in a pod, and I’ve wanted to make a set for my dear Hub for ages! Finally remembered to do it. Simple simple… two little green balls with eyes and mouths, and for the pod, I simply knitted a leaf shape in stockinette and it obligingly curled all by itself. :o)

And a bigger pic of Peter Pickle (so named for obvious reasons... he looks like a PICKLE!  heh heh) out of the basket

Making limbless wee peeps for my DH’s Valentine’s gift, and for Easter gifts has been such fun! (except for the exhaustion of making so MANY at one time) And it was a nice break from some of the more complicated one’s I’ve been making! :o)  (two new "more complicated" ones to see soon)  These little limbless guys have a special charm that my Hub and I love!  :o)

I made lots of baskets for the wee limbless peeps for Easter, with lots of different yarns, mostly from Lots of different colors and textures! And this one for my Hub’s Valentine’s peep as well. It was lovely to work with all of this variety! Really fed my addiction! :o) The Heart is made the same way as my “Unbroken Heart” (made all in one piece with no break in yarn), in red mystery yarn, and tied onto the basket.  The basket is meant to have a suggestion of a heart shape at the top, which is not apparent in these photos.... I'll see if I can get better photos that show it.
I'll post more of the Easter peeps and baskets soon.  :o)

As always, you can see more of my creations at or on Ravelry (I'm theknittycat on Ravelry), and an index with links to my patterns and tutorials are at

Happy Spring to Everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying the (crazy) weather, and all of the beautiful flowers!!  :o)


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Saturday, April 11, 2009




Here's a preview of the peeps I made for Easter ...  I'll put up more shots of them soon.  I had such fun making these limbless peeps!  And I had some wonderful yarn to play with, sent to me by my friend, Romana, of YarnCloud Yarns (!  The textures and colors were exciting and fun!  I loved putting together the various color schemes for each of the basket/peep sets.


More about this soon... (well, we can hope, can't we?)

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