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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Amazing Micro Mini Amigurumi (knitted and crocheted toys)

Ever thought you'd like to hold a herd of elephants on your fingertip?!

I recently came across the etsy shop of this amazing designer, Su Ami, and thought you would all enjoy seeing her incredible micro mini amigurumi.  Wow!  
The detail and personality she manages to create in these teensy ami's is just incredible!! One has to wonder if she has a flock of fairies assisting her.  ;o)

More astonishing minis ..

Browsing through her store is like a walk in Wonderland!  :o)

If you enjoy micro mini's, one of my favorite amigurumi designers of all time is MUFFA. 
She also creates amazing works of amigurumi in  fingernail size.  Again, Wow!


How these incredible artists achieve these masterpieces is a mystery to me!  But I love looking and marveling at their creations.

Have any of you dabbled in microminiature?  My smallest creation was about 1/2" tall and 1" long, and was extremely simple!

Penny Surfing

Some of my smallest creations (giants compared to Su Ami's and MUFFA's) are here:

I hope you all enjoy seeing these adorable works, by these two amazing artists, as much as I do!

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