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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pocket Pup Peeps! :o)

First there were Pocket Lambie Peeps, and now we have Pocket Pup Peeps!  :o) 

this is Frankie Pocket Pup Peep

I made little Frankie for our niece after watching her adorable wee poodle mix romping about, recently.  He's sooo cute!  Had to make an ami of him!  And having been making Pocket Lambie Peeps lately, I realized that the lambie yarn would be perfect for him.  With just a bit of changing, the lambie could become a Pup!!   Tried out one of those cute little glass animal noses (from ), and it's just perfect for a dog, with their shiny wet noses!  :o)   My Hub and I are just LOVING him!  AND he looks even so much cuter in person!  So another one that will be very hard to part with.  *sigh* 

and this is Daisy Pocket Pup Peep

We were so crazy about little Frankie peep that I had to make Daisy Peep for us, or our niece was never going to get Frankie!  ;o)  I was soooo sad at the thought of sending him away, till Daisy came to stay.  Daisy is in homage to the memory of my sweet little Bichon Frise.

More about Frankie ... he has this adorable bit of apricot on his back!  Isn't that CUTE?!

Here's Frankie in his little bed/pocket, which is now Daisy's because I made a slightly bigger one for Frankie...

And more of wee Daisy

here's Wee Daisy with Wee Frankie (they're in loooove... *sings... Frankiee and Daisy were looveeerrrsss....*  hee hee)

See him whispering sweet nothings to her before kissing her?  ;o)

Frankie is a poodle mix - and you know what those Frenchmen are like!  ;o)  heh heh  Yes, I know that Poodles didn't originate in France, but... we're pretending.  ;o)

Unfortunately, theirs will have to be a long distance relationship, because Frankie is moving to Northern California to be with his new mommy, and Daisy is staying here with US!  (YAY!)

And one more of Daisy, giggling because she's in Frankie's new bed/pocket

I just couldn't stop taking pics of these two pups!!  heh heh  I've got dozens of them!!  Yeesh!  Am I obsessed?

I'm knitting away, making lots of peeps, but I never get time to post them. So someday there will be a giant post from me with a hundred peeps in it!  (just kidding! I'm lucky to get a peep posted now and then).

More peeps at my flickr pages

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