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Monday, October 8, 2012

A New Improved Elmo!

=^. .^=

a New Improved Elmo?   Not possible!  Elmo is perfect just as he is!  

But my Elmo Peep Pattern needed some work, so at long last I'm finally publishing the version that I've actually been using for a few years.

Yeah I know...  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to pass it on.  Blame my non-cooperative health. ;o)

So ... ta Daaaaa
Elmo for Dorothy

#17 on patterns page

This is a newer, Improved, version of my Elmo Peep - not double knit this time, but knit in the round on two circular needles, from bottom to top. He comes out a lot neater without the inherent gaps that exist from the slipped stitches in double knitting. And the increases are simpler without the inside out double knitting.
He is a very quick and easy knit for an experienced knitter, using some advanced, but easy techniques, such as Kitchener stitch, and three needle bind off. When you are done knitting, except for adding his face, there is no sewing up to do! Yay! :o)

You can also make Cookie Monster Peep with this pattern, if you don't want to wait till I manage to publish an updated version of Cookie (and I wouldn't blame you) using the mouth and cookies info from the existing pattern.

The Elmo and Cookie for MaryJane below were done in worsted weight, instead of dk/sport like I usually use

for MaryJane's birthday 

More of Elmo for Dorothy and with his friend Dorothy Goldfish

 Elmo for Dorothy watching his friend
Dorothy Goldfish in her pretty bowl

Elmo in my Hand

 Dorothy is so happy in her pretty bowl! 

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