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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Limbless Pocket Lambies Part One...

A Lambie Thank You to Snuffykin...

For all the very hard work she did on the weloveamigurumi swap, and for being the sweetie that she is,
I sent snuffykin this wee limbless Pocket Lambie named Laddie  (see snuffykin's awesome creations here)

Laddie atop his grassy hillock (pocket) and wearing his flowery garland


Laddie inside of his grassy hillock (pocket) 

Laddie in my hand (he's a wee fellow)

The back of Laddie's flowery garland


The page I sent with wee Laddie

You can see that he is wearing the original "grassy" garland that I made for him in this group of photos,
I made the "flowery" one after and sent them both.  :o)

and here's Laddie with his two cousins, inside and atop their grassy hillock pockets

Apologies for the crummy group photos... I didn't have all of them together for long enough to take decent photos.
The first one on the left is Mitzy, who went to my Mum-in-law in Scotland for UK Mother's Day,
the middle one is Laddie,
and the one on the right is Mitzie, who stayed home with us as my dear Hub's Easter Peep

Yes, it's Mitzie and Mitzy... I liked the name!  ;o)

I'll post more pics of Mitzy and Mitzie when I put up more of the Easter Peeps.  :o)

More peeps pics (but no new ones other than these) on my flickr pages


Don't you just LOVE springtime?!  :o)   

Flowers and Birdies and Baby Animals!!  :o)  Amigurumi Heaven! 


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