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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Legs for Eggs with Leggs


        Spring is coming!!  :o) 

              Getting ready for a        


My dear friend, 
Chiwaluv (of Chiwaluv Amigurumi ) 
asked me how to make the legs/feet for the Eggs with Leggs, and I wrote this up for her.   Since Easter is getting close, I'm sharing it with anyone who'd like to make these funny little guys.  :o)    We found them to be very amusing. 

For more about the Eggs with Leggs, and their cousins, the Eggy Peeps (including a pattern), please see these posts:


Note: although the available color patterns are not the same as when I made these, four years ago (!), you can still find some terrific patterns in Bernat Baby Jacquards here:
And other places.  Self patterning sock yarns would work well too, just use appropriate needle sizes to make a tightly knit fabric so the stuffing doesn't show.   Or if you're energetic, create your own stripes and patterns. ;o) 

Here are the Leggs instructions for the Eggs with Leggs.  I hope it's understandable.   It's just icord folded and stitched, but not so easy to describe how to do it.  Heh heh.  

Leggs for Eggs with Leggs

I made a 6.5" to 7" 4st icord out of orange Microspun (probably on sz 3 ndls)
as follows:

1. C/o 4 st
2. K arnd on 4 st till cord is 6.5" - 7" long. 
3. End off. 

Fold and stitch the icord into two "Y" shaped feet (using 1 icord to shape both feet - attached at the bottom of the "Y") as follows:
(I separated a length of matching yarn into two parts, half the strands in each, for sewing it together.  But thread would work too.)

1. Holding the end of the icord vertically, go up 1/2" from the end of the cord held in your fingers, run the tapestry needle with yarn or thread thru, go up another 1/2" and fold down. 
2. 1/2" from the first fold, fold up and run tapestry needle thru the fold.
3. 1/2" up from the second fold, fold down.  Run needle thru all 4 strands. 
4. Down another 1/2" (down 1" from the third fold), stitch down to the last fold and through the start of the icord (1 foot is shaped). 
 ** Do not cut icord. ** 
 ** You will continue with the second foot on the same cord. **
5. Fold cord up from last fold and run stitch thru the fold. 
6. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second foot. 
7. Sew to bottom of egg. 

Without the stitching, the folds will look like 2 "M"s with long outer legs.



I'm sorry I don't have a better photo of the legs.  These were all given away and I didn't take any pics of the legs on their own.  :o( 


Wishing you all a very Happy Spring!!  It'll be here soon, I promise!  :o)   
And have fun with your Eggy Peeps and Eggs with Leggs!