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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pudgie in Pajamas for Dorothy's Birthday

It's been ages since I've had a chance to post any amigurumi, though I've been knitting like mad, as always.  Last night I was thinking about one that I made for my mum-in-law's birthday last year, and just really had the urge to put him up, soooo....

Introducing Pudgie in Pajamas Peep
and his dear friend, Pookie Bear Peep

Pudgie in Pajamas with his Teddy, Pookie -  for Dorothy's birthday  2009 - in my Hand

 Pudgie in PJ's always giggles when you tickle his tummy... but the original has a different reaction!  heh heh 
Pudge is our adored giant cat.  We're all a bit obsessed with him, and my Mum in law treats him like a grandchild ('cause he IS, of course!  heh heh), so I figured she'd enjoy getting her very own Pudge to cuddle with.  :o)

......pic of pudge....

Pudgie and Pookie are very best friends and love to be together.

They love to cuddle and giggle and nap, and they love a nice cozy lap to sit in.
  They are so happy, living with their GrandMaw, and they thought that the trip to Scotland was very exciting!   (we didn't send them till Christmas, though because of the mail strike in the UK - we didn't want to take any chances!!)

They enjoy having a nice dish of tuna and box of choco, and a nice bowl of honey, and having lovely bedtime stories read to them.

Pookie gets annoyed when you tweak his ear.  Oops!


I made Pudgie freehand (as usual) and didn't make any notes, so I have no pattern plans for him.  I am hoping though, that at some point I can get up the energy to share the simple slip stitch technique I used to make his head all in one piece (including ears).  I do hate sewing on all those bits and pieces!

The inspiration for Pudgie in Pajamas was this totally adorable Tabitha kitty design by Debi Birkin. 


Isn't she adorable?  If you want one of your very own, Debi has a pattern for Tabitha here:

More pics (if these weren't enough!) on my flickr pages here

I'm hoping to post her other birthday peep, Kathleen Bunny, soon!  I fell in love with Pudgie in PJs and Kathleen Bunny, who are larger than my usual wee peeps (they were made for cuddling), and it was hard to send them so far away, but their grandmaw loves them, so it's all good!  :o)

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