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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nearly a pattern for the Thing, and other Peep patterns!

Please check out for larger photos and all of the peeps.

A pattern for the Thing?!  Is it possible that she's FINALLY finished it??

Well, It is possible... 

Yes!  I've finally finished writing the pattern!  Whew!  No wonder it took me so long to MAKE him!  I had no idea how much work he was till I wrote it all down.  Being quite a lazy knitter, I would never have tackled such an ambitious project if I'd known in advance how much work it would be.  ;o)  And writing his pattern was even HARDER than MAKING him!!  Sheesh!  All of you pattern designers out there, I take my hat off to you.... or I would if I were wearing one.

But don't let me put you off of making a Thing of your very own.  Although the pattern is pretty long (at least for MY standards ...  I like things I can make in a day or three!), each part of it is fairly simple to do.  I do recommend that you are an experienced knitter, or at least a very adventuresome beginner!  I knit him in the round on two circular needles, but you could use dpns if you are more comfortable with them (they always make me feel that I need two extra hands), and there are no seams to sew, but the head and arms, and brow ridge, are knit separately and sewn on.  Other than knitting and purling, I use k2tog for decreases, and two types of increase stitches, the kfb and the kinc.  Video help for the kinc here 
scroll about halfway down the page for increasing in the right side of the stitch, where she calls it a KRL (“Knit Right Loop”, and  KLL for the left side of the stitch).  Then it's just knit purl knit purl.... and so on and so on.... till you have a big orange Thing!  :o)

I will be posting the pattern in pdf format very soon (I just need to add photos to it first).  It's my Christmas gift to Marvel fans and the knitters who love them!  :o)


  A slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving to all!

More Patterns Coming?

In other peep news - I've nearly completed a pattern for Nellie the Musical Elephant (because our niece wanted one like her - so I took notes while I made hers - Hurray!).
Also, I'll be posting a pattern for the Unbroken Heart soon as well.

Christmas is nearly upon us and I have LOTS of tasks (as I'm sure you all do), so I don't know how much I'll be able to get to, peep-wise, for the next month, but since I've been so bad at adding posts here, you probably won't notice.  ;o) 
The good news (for some folks) is that I'm planning on making an Elmo and a Cookie Monster for Christmas gifts and I'll be making notes on their
construction as I make them, so apres Christmas, there may be patterns for them soon. 

We wish all of you  
Very Happy Holidays!  
And we hope that you have lots of fun preparing for them.  :o)


  1. congrats on finishing the pattern finally. i bet your thrilled. ill have to take a look at it when you post it.

  2. Thanks so much, Sara! :o) I still have to proof read it all, and I'm buried in Christmas tasks at the moment, so haven't gotten to it yet. But I'll be really happy when it's done! :o) I'm suffering from knitting withdrawal at the moment 'cause there's no time for it. Aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!

  3. Hi! I'm a beginning knitter, and I'm trying your cookie monster pattern. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on the bery first step! I was wondering how to use rounds to make his little legs. There don't appear to be enough stitches to reach all the way around the rounds.
    Thanks for your time!

  4. Hi Sydney,
    Cookie is knit using the double knit technique described here . His legs, torso and arms are knit this way, in one piece with no seams, on two needles (or one circular), and then he is turned right side out to knit his head in the round (on two circular needles, or dpns). His legs will each be 10 st around after double knitting them, 5 st across (about half an inch). Perhaps you thought he would be larger than he actually is? Mine knit up at 5.5 inches tall, using sport weight yarn and size 4 needles, just right to hold in your hand (see photo of Cookie in my hand ). If you're using heavier weight yarn and larger needles, he will be larger than that of course.
    When you have doubleknit several rows, pull down a bit on your fabric and you can see the width the double layered fabric of the leg will be. The important thing with dking is to not get your slips and knits mixed up, or you will close up your tube.
    I hope this helps. :o)
    knittycat / Shar