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Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! from Lambie Loveykins


with lots of Love from Lambie Loveykins,
and theknittycat and anthor

Yet another Lambie Peep!  :o)  This is the little guy that I made for my Hub for Valentine's Day - he wanted another Lambie!  Seriously!  He LOVES these little guys!  (well, I do too!)  He want's one for Easter, too!  Good thing that I like making them.  ;o)  These and the Pocket Lambies are the only peeps that I like to repeat making... over and over and over...

We think she looks like the girls who used to sell candy and flowers at the theaters, etc. in the 30's/40's.  :o)

Her heart-shaped hat...

Sorry, the bow from her little hat is a bit messy in the pic, and you can't see the back very well.  I took these in a hurry because I just finished her last night!    Yeeks!  close one!  ;o)
(being sick is putting me way behind in my knitting... and Easter is coming!!)

Hope you all have a day filled with Love!  We send lots of Love to all of you and to your dear ones!

Hugs from theknittycat

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