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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello Kitties in Kimonos!


Last post was all about my Hello Kitty in Kimono,

Cutee Hello Kitty!
 and after showing my HK to my very dear friend, Chiwaluv, she said that she was inspired to make one as well!  COOL!  I love to inspire!  It's like a domino effect -  thereseguzman and kandjdolls inspired me, and then Chiwaluv is inspired by my inspired creation... how many more will join the group?  :o).

I just have to share Chiwaluv's  wonderful (freehand) creation!!

Chiwaluv's Hello Kitty in a Kimono

Isn't she beautiful?!  (see more here)  What beautiful clothes!  And I absolutely adore those SHOES!!  Cutest little feet I've seen on a peep / amigurumi / softie.

Sooooo...  I'm not writing up any pattern for my HK but, as Chiwaluv writes LOTS of patterns, maybe we can cajole her into writing one for a knitted Kimono Kitty!!  ;o)

Check out all of her other patterns!  Both knit and crochet.   She's wonderfully prolific and the cuteness knows no limit!  :o)

Next post - more of my poorly planned Crafty Christmas 2010.  ;o)

theknittingkitty for theknittycat

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