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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grover / Super Grover for D's Birthday 2009(?)

Wheeee! Super Grover flies again!! 

Super Grover Flies Again

Smarter than a Speeding Bullet!
"onward and upward to do brave deeds.... up up and awaaaay...."

Look someone needs help!

Grover sees someone who needs help

This is a job for
Super Grover!

This is a job for Super Grover!

Up up and away!

Super Grover to the rescue - up up and away!

But first I have to hold Mother's hand to cross the street

Grover has to hold Mother's hand when crossing the street


I'm still craftless, with hands wrapped like mummies now, but my poor Hub needed a Peep for his birthday. What could I do?

I had made Grover / Super Grover for him two years ago, but Grover was packed up (along with the other peeps) when we made a temporary forced move, because our place was being re-roofed.  Soooo ... I unpacked him and he flew in to sing Happy Birthday to my Hub!  ;o)

 "Happy birthday to youuu
happy birthday to youuuuuu......."

Grover was made much like Elmo and Cookie, but with facial features added. I hadn't intended to make an open mouth, but after knitting him up like the others, I just felt he NEEDED that big jaw. So unlike the all-in-one-piece method I used to make the open-mouthed Stitch and Sackboy, since this was an afterthought,  I made the jaw separately, sort of a watermelon wedge shape, and sewed it on.  His red mouth is an i-cord, sewn to the jaw.  I also added a kind of flattened sausage shape for his upper lip, and two little sausages for eyebrows.

This was definitely more work than using the flap /loopy legs technique for the mouth while knitting the head.

 Grover mugging in mug shots.  ;o)
Grover mugging in mug shots collage

Isn't that a cute little belly?!

His mouth is flexible and can be posed.

Super Grover's emblem is one of my few felt efforts (because I'm not good at that), and is attached to the cord of his cape, so that it's gone when he is in his secret identity of Grover.  :o)

Super Grover collage

Making his helmet was interesting as I remember, but it was two years ago so I don't remember much.  :o/   I knitted the helmet, but crocheted the visor so it would have more body.  I do remember that I crocheted the visor sideways.

You might observe that the visor is a bit flattened in some photos.  That happened while he was packed away and I didn't notice till after I took most of the pics. Easily fixed though.  :o)

close-ups of helmet
Super Grover's helmet collage

My hub and I were really happy to see Grover Peep again!  Yay!  And now he gives us smiles every day.  :o)

You may be seeing more of the peeps who were packed away in future posts.

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  1. Your SuperG is wonderful!!! I like it very much!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! :o) That's very nice of you, and I'm so pleased you like him so much. We really love the little guy.

  2. Hi Knittycat, Love your fantastic creations. Was just looking online for knitting patterns for Supergrover when I came across your blog. Your grover is amazing. Have been knitting for a few months now and really enjoying it. My husband has a much loved Grover from when he was 7 and asked if I could knit him something. Would love to knit a hat and cape like your Supergrover. Would it be possible to send me the pattern? Nicola, Dublin, Ireland. email:

    1. Hi Nicola

      Thanks so much for the lovely compliments. :o)

      I'm so sorry to disappoint you but I made no notes at all when I made Grover. I was hurrying to finish in time for my Hub's birthday and didn't write down anything that I did. :o/

      However, I'm sure I've seen a cape pattern somewhere, and if I find it I'll send the link to you. :o)

      I hope you get as much enjoyment from your knitting as I have from mine! :o)

      All the best to you and your Hub from two fellow muppet lovers. :o)

  3. My dad is super Grover through and through, he even has a bike jersey of him. I wanted to make him one of these peeps but I have had some difficulty finding the pattern. Could you tell me what it is that I am doing wrong?

    1. Hi Madeline

      Thanks for the comment. :o)

      You can find any patterns that I've published on the "Patterns and Tutorials" page (see the link at the top of this page) ...

      That being said - I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there is a very good reason you aren't finding a pattern for Grover. I haven't written one. I was hurrying to get him finished for my Hub's birthday and didn't make any notes of what I was doing.

      However, I started out making him just like Elmo and Cookie Monster, then I added a separate piece for his mouth and jaw and brow. I'm sorry I can't help you more. I think that I've seen a really cute crochet pattern for Grover somewhere and I'll try to find it and put the link in here.

      Ah. Found it.
      She also has other adorable Muppet patterns.

      There are also these incredibly cute rattles that my hub and I think would be great fun! :o)

      I couldn't find any knit patterns. Sorry. With the exception of this Puppet head

      Best luck with your project! :o)

      All the best to you and your dad.