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Sunday, April 4, 2010

HAPPY EASTER!! A Plethora of Peeps! :o)


A Plethora of Peeps... 

Finally the peeps I've been working on for Easter are DONE!!  and ready for giving!  :o)

HAPPY EASTER!!  :o) Easter Eggy Peeps

Little Eggy Peeps sitting atop their wee pouch nests
if you missed my previous preview post about this wonderful self-patterning yarn
and a simple pattern it's here.


HAPPY EASTER!!  :o)  Easter Eggy Peeps
Lots of  Eggy Peeps and Easter Eggs and  Eggs with Leggs  :o)

HAPPY EASTER!!  Eggs with Leggs
Eggs with Leggs sitting on their little nests.  :o)
Easter Eggy Peeps
My favorite egg.
Easter Egg Pin Cushion Ring
an egg ring pin cushion for my sis. I tried it and it works GREAT!  I have to make one for myself!  :o)

Easter Eggs knitted with self patterning yarn
a basket of eggs showing the very cool patterning this great yarn makes!

Easter Eggs with Leggs
okay I love this photo!  heh heh  Eggys with Leggys!  hee hee

Easter Eggy Peeps
Easter Eggy Peeps tucked inside their little pouch nests

We wish you all a very Happy Easter!! 
and a joyous Spring!!

Don't you just LOVE SPRING?!!!  Yay!  Flowers and baby animals and sunshine!!  What could be happier?!  :o)

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