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Friday, April 2, 2010

What happens to the eggs the Easter Bunny Brings? :o)

Have you ever wondered what hatches out
of the eggs laid by the Easter Bunny?

What happens to eggs laid by the Easter Bunny... Smaller GIF

(click on the picture if it's not moving...)

hee hee

Eggy/Bunny Pattern pdf is available here.

When I made this nest (part of the many peeps and accessories made for Easter gifts), I couldn't decide which side should be the outside, because I liked the patterning of the yarns so much on the knit side, but it looked more like a basket than a nest on the knit side... soooooo... And that's how I get my ideas!  heh heh

I don't have a pattern for the nest/basket, but it is a simple circle with sides, made with two bulky textured yarns held together (in this case Bernat's Soft Boucle and TLC Amore).  See the directions for the Eggy Peeps in the previous entry.  It will be the same, up to the point where you begin to decrease.  You won't do any decreasing.  Just keep knitting around till it's the height you want, making sure it's enough to get the top to curl down (sometimes stockinette's inherent curl is your friend), and then bind off.  You don't want a loose bind off for this.  The handle of the basket is simply i-cord.  Make sure it's the length of the curve that you want to tuck it into, so it won't show.

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